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Alumni Highlight – Robert and Laura Boden

Robert and his twin sister Laura are Westmont alumni.

Robert was very active in sports and music through his early and high school years. In 2015, Robert joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP.) CAP is an excellent organization for young men and women with a history of service. CAP performs the vast majority of search and rescue services in the country, as well as helping at airports and in communities to direct traffic. CAP also teaches flying, aerospace science, military activities, character, and leadership. The CAP has been wonderful for Robert, and he has excelled and been recognized by CAP.

Robert’s CAP accomplishments include:
• Rising to rank of Cadet 1st Lt
• Successfully completing and awarded all CAP knowledge and skill levels
• Becoming Commander of the local Long Eagle Squadron
• Marching in several color guard positions
• Three years at the annual summer encampment at McGuire Air Force Base
• By his third year, Robert was chosen to lead the Alpha flight of cadets and was
recognized for his rigorous and crisp military drill behavior
• Robert attended the Civil Air Patrol’s Hawk Mountain Ranger School learning search and rescue procedures
• Robert was requested to be a ground search and rescue instructor in 2018

Robert graduated from West Morris Mendham High School in June 2018 and is now attending Virginia Tech. Robert’s current career plans are to become a US Marine or US Air Force pilot.

Laura was an avid soccer player for many years. She took up fencing in middle school and continued at West Morris Mendham High School. Laura was a member of the marching band for 3 years playing flute. She began tutoring students for flute playing and spent a year in the Civil Air Patrol all while completing the rigorous International Baccalaureate program.

Laura enjoys cooking, pets, photography, and is a talented artist working on oil paint, water color painting and other

She graduated from West Morris Mendham High School in June 2018 and is now attending Boston College where she is studying Russian and other courses.

Laura is pursuing International Relations as a career. With some help from her mother (American, of Hungarian heritage) she taught herself conversational Hungarian.

Some of Robert and Laura’s favorite Westmont memories are a cool book with a 3D model of a frog in it, snack time (which was always a fun thing to do,) playing in the pretend center, the guinea pig in the classroom, and a special day on the playground when a large green moth joined them, and everyone gathered around to see it.

Both Laura and Robert have continued their association with Westmont over the years as Junior Camp Counsellor (Laura) and Ambassadors at Westmont’s Wine tasting event.

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