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The Wonder of Girls

Another gem from The Gurian Institute:
Gender and Education News
Feb 11, 2015

The Wonder of Girls 
Girls tend to be “the connectors” in many classrooms.  As always, when we look through a “gender lens” we are not stereotyping but instead looking at broad generalizations that hold true across cultures.  

It may seem like there is heightened focus on boys and their challenges both academically and behaviorally in school and at home but also we don’t ever forget girls and their unique social and academic needs! 

The Old Girl Code:
The old Girl Code message was, “It is your responsibility to make others happy.”
Many girls, because they are relationship-oriented, are ‘pleasers,’ which impacts their confidence and self-esteem.
Too often girls think that being nice means being quiet, never showing anger, and not expressing their true feelings.

The NEW Girl Code
–It is not your responsibility to make everyone happy.  If you are interrupted, wait a beat, then continue.  Be passionate, concise, and clear.
–Find the job with the options you need – rewrite the workplace.  Fortune 500 CEO and “top dog” are not necessarily right for or the gold success standard for most women with families.
–Stop taking things personally!  The world is competitive, and people are just not nice, especially when they want power.  Deal with it
–Because girls often avoid conflict and failure, we forget to teach these skills—so, nurture your own strength as much as you do your desire to be loved and mirrored.
–Don’t blame men for a woman’s situation—it distracts from success building with these excuses.
Females may have trouble understanding male emotions because:
Males tend to delay complex emotional reactions.
Males tend to choose physical expression of emotions over verbal expression.
Males tend to mask vulnerability.
Males prefer a quicker release of feelings.
Males view emotions as a design problem that needs solving.
Females view emotions as life processes.
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