Summer Memories

Summer Memories
As the warm sun begins to warm our backs, we quickly harkened back to summers past.  Summers filled with childhood memories of sand, surf, carnivals, road trips, summer camp, backyard barbeques, catching fireflies, park playgrounds, stick ball, ice cream, etc.   With these cherished memories in hand, we try to re-create those same summer memories for our children, and then some.  
As we steadfastly forge ahead and plan for summer, be it at the shore, in our back yard, at summer camps, playing lawn games, family picnics, there will be the inevitable times a child will bemoan the long lazy days of summer while echoing “I’m bored.”  No fear!  Children need to experience and engage in that which is equally as important:  unstructured time.  It is at these times that children are challenged to explore and discover things on their own, which may lead them to build a fort in the backyard, make monsters out of cardboard boxes, organize playing ‘house’, set up a lemonade stand, etc. thereby creating their own favorite summer memories.
Summer IS a special time of year for you and your child and providing a balance between structured weeks of activities, interspersed with weeks that have less structure will make for some wonderful summer experiences.

Here’s wishing you a long summer filled with wonderful memories

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