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Strategies for a Successful School Year…

Here are some tips from the Gurian Institute for making it a great day – every day:
Sleep – Processing information and releasing toxins during sleep allows us to be attentive learners the next day. How much? TEN hours of sleep for elementary aged students, in bed no later than 8:30.

Eat Breakfast – Protein for breakfast allows energy to burn slowly and keeps hunger pains away. What kinds? Eggs, meat, peanut butter, yogurt.

Eat Together – A great opportunity to stay connected (teens consistently say this is an important time for them) and to discuss events, offer opinions, and “argue” – all ways for teens to discern who they are and what they value.

Read, Read, Read – Read with your children everyday, model good reading habits, explain to them when you read and why you read – recipes, maps, etc. 

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