Montessori Homework?

Homework is one of those hot-button topics with which parents and teachers typically have either a love or hate relationship. Those that believe homework is an essential task that children should learn at a young age have many valid points; it prepares children for higher grades, practice is essential to success. But studies are continuing to find little linking early homework to future success, and current best practices suggest not requiring more than five minutes of homework for each grade of school (first grade=5 minutes, fourth grade=20 minutes, etc.).
There is a type of “homework” though that Montessorians have found to be quite valuable to the development of children – home-work! If the goals of homework are to lay the foundation of future success, then having children help at home is a great way to teach them both personal and community responsibilities. For example, by having your child take charge of making his own lunch you give them not only the skills involved in the process (pouring, closing ziplock bags, making healthy choices) but it also teaches time-management skills, as there is a definite deadline for the work to be done.
By having regular home-work that your child is responsible for, you teach essential skills that make the transition to later school assignments at home easier.
Some of the home-work that children can be responsible for include:

Ages 2-3
·         Put toys away
·         Place dirty clothes in basket
·         Fold washcloths
·         Help set the table
·         Put away silverware
·         Get dressed with little help
·         Water plants
Ages 4-5
·         “Age 2-3” items
·         Feed pets
·         Wipe up spills
·         Help pack their lunch
·         Prepare snacks
·         Fold towels
·         Clean windows
·         Dusting
·         Help with recycling
Ages 6-9
·         “Age 4-5” items
·         Sweep up messes
·         Empty dishwasher
·         Match clean socks
·         Rake leaves
·         Make salad
·         Fetch items at the grocery store

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