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Children That Play Outside In All Weather Grow Up Resilient

Although spring is finally approaching, we recently came across this article at the Wild Earth website that reminded us of the importance of being outdoors, regardless of the temperature or weather conditions. Here’s an excerpt that we found to be thought provoking: 

Imagine children that have grown up playing outside in all manner of challenging conditions, in all seasons of the year. Imagine how they’d be different than kids taught to come inside when it’s raining, or cold. Imagine how they’d be different from kids that find entertainment from the TV, computer or video games. 

Kids who play outside in challenging weather are more positive, more creative, and more adaptable. They don’t let challenges stop them. They rise to challenges and find ways to carry on in spite of them. And that’s just their baseline. It’s nothing special to them. It’s normal.

Read more about the importance of outside play and some suggestions for things to do outside with our children at the Wild Earth website at:

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