Celebrating Inclusion Awareness Month

This month the children of Westmont participated in a presentation all about inclusion and acceptance. Westmont parents and founders of Lily’s Angels, Kristen Friscia-Benitez and Pepe Benitez, shared a little about what life is like for those with Down’s Syndrome and other differences and then invited the children to try some activities.

Children visited sensory tables with motor activities, helping them to understand how difficult even the simplest of tasks can be when impaired. For example, at one table children were asked to color while wearing an oversized glove (representing a motor processing disorder). The children remarked how much more difficult it was to color when they couldn’t feel their fingers.
The presentation wrapped up with the message that we are all different but we are all special!

Lily’s Angels is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness about Down’s Syndrome, as well as providing therapy sponsorship to families with financial need. 
The joy and smiles of our children strengthen our commitment to a Montessori learning environment. Westmont, founded in 1964, stands as one of the premier Montessori schools in NJ. We welcome you to discover our school.