Positive Parenting Tip

Colette B. Cross

Replace Don’t with…………………….
Some simple advice to keep in mind during day to day interactions with your child.
One of my favorite positive parenting expressions is, model the behavior you desire to see in your child.  This will come in handy when trying to rephrase your “don’t” to “no”.   To foster impulse control and create desired behavior, phrase sentences to create positive images in your child’s mind and positive interactions.  For example instead of saying “Don’t run,” try rephrasing your request and say: “Use walking feet.”  Instead of saying “Don’t hit,” or “Don’t throw,” try saying “Soft touches,” or “Gently touch your brother,” or “Let’s put the toy here.”  You can also try to model the desired behavior while saying the words.  You are now not only telling your child how to do something the right way, you are also showing, as well as teaching a solid skill. 
Paying close attention to the number of times you say, no or don’t will remind you to keep your redirection as positive as you can.
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