Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips
Auris Vanderbilt
Is it really that time of the year again? The signs are all here…. Summer camp has come to a close, trucks are moving about spreading mulch, floors are polished, trees are trimmed and checked for safety, windows, siding, playground equipment, etc. have been power washed, the air is a just bit cooler, reminding us September is close, classrooms are shaping up, staff is finalizing paperwork, welcome cards to new and returning families are compiled, etc.  Yes, summer is quickly waning and preparations for the new school year are well underway to ensure a smooth transition.
No different than a school, families are planning and preparing for their own back to school, be it organizing calendars, shopping for new shoes and backpacks, haircuts, doctors’ appointments,  etc.  Here are some back to school tips that can help your child start school feeling happy and prepared:
  • Speak often and with excitement about school:  remind them how much (hopefully) you enjoyed school, drive-by the school a few times and reiterate, “This is your school!”
  • “Play Preschool” as a means to discuss the first day of school – meeting the teacher, making new friends, seeing the classroom and the jungle gym in the playground, etc.
  • Begin to re-introduce routines for bedtime hours, meals, bedtime stories, and naps.  
  • Prepare and practice a “goodbye” routine – a special hug, singing of a favorite song, a double kiss etc. Express how you will pick them up a short while later and give them that special hug, sing their favorite song, etc. once more.
  • Visit the school and meet the teacher –  introducing them to their environment and teachers will help alleviate some of the worries they may be feeling
  • Reassure children that feelings of excitement, sadness, and worry are normal.  Share a time you may have felt scared and excited.

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