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Why Westmont?

Why choose Westmont for your child? For 55 plus years Westmont has welcomed families into its fold.  Each family‘s presence and contribution to our school has continued to keep our name and distinctive reputation an integral part of the surrounding community.  Thousands of children have started their educational journey here and we welcome the opportunity to offer that same wonderful journey to you and your child.

Our school fosters a culture of joyful learning, acceptance, belonging and family.  Our goal is to prepare children for life, and goes hand in hand with Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of guiding and developing the potential in every child.   From our youngest toddler to our early childhood and kindergarten students we offer a true Montessori experience.  Our school is an accredited school, with certified Montessori teachers in every class. We partner with parents who want the same for their children as we do:  a strong educational foundation.

The journey begun at Westmont provides an opportunity for each child to grow, and blossom as an individual, and experience a true love of learning that will last a lifetime.  Our students graduate into many surrounding public, parochial and independent schools.   In so doing they continue their journey, bringing their strengths, skills and passions to new communities, leaving their mark, and paving new paths.  Our students continue to make us proud as we follow their growth and contributions to their new communities and beyond.


Why A Montessori Education?

Developed as an educational philosophy in the late 1800’s by Italian scientist Dr. Maria Montessori and introduced successfully into the USA in the mid 1900’s as an alternative education, Montessori schools continue to experience growth worldwide.  Today, over one hundred years after its inception, Montessori is a well known name in the field of education; there are Montessori public, charter and independent schools found throughout the United States and the world educating children from birth through high school.

What makes a school a Montessori school different from other schools? 

  •    Montessori schools are based on respect for the individual

  •    Montessori schools are child centered, and address all learning styles

  •    Montessori schools offer choice, engagement and challenge

  •    Montessori schools provide hands on learning in a beautiful learning environment

  •    Montessori schools offer a curriculum which facilitates a child’s natural curiosity and development

  •    Montessori schools lay the foundations for lifelong learning by developing lifelong skills

Inner Discipline
Academic preparedness Social responsibility
Competence Sense of Community
Motivation Love of learning
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"Westmont fosters a commitment to individuality and teaching chidren to respect everyone." - Diana Braverman, parent