January Letter from Head of School

Foundation is Key

Dear Parents,

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  I trust your time together with family and friends brought peace and joy to all of you.

It is hard to believe that 2019 is here.  When I think back to our September beginnings and the tentative little steps taken by our youngest students, to the confident strides of our returning students, and to the leadership opportunities afforded our older students, I am reminded of the amazing transformations that take place in our students throughout their tenure with us.

This was brought to the fore at our recent Parent Night Out. We had five alumni volunteers support the evening.  When I greeted them, I was momentarily brought back to their Westmont beginnings, where they  too took their first steps and strides.  Fast forward to the now 13, 14, 15, and 16-year old’s who were back to their first school, guiding, nurturing, teaching, and role modeling for our students without prompts.  As I watched their interactions, I felt a sense of pride in their ability to step into this role so easily and willingly. I was honored to know we played an important part in their early educational foundation. Our goal to develop capable young people who are kind and caring, who can approach new situations with confidence, and  who can give back and support the greater community was indeed realized.

Foundation is key.  Supporting the uniqueness and individuality of each child during the pivotal years is vital.  We cannot reclaim those important  years.  Helping our children realize their potential exemplifies Westmont’s mission.  We are excited to enter into the second half of the school year.  It promises to bring continued exploration, endless possibilities, and growth for each and every child.  It also brings the opportunity to think ahead to the next school year as we  offer our community our re-enrollment paperwork in the coming days.  In discussion with you during coffees, meetings, conferences,  and casual conversation I am reminded of the strong partnership we forge together and the great home school relationship we share.   We want to continue that  journey with you and your children without interruption.  We want to maintain their love of learning, their strong sense of self, their respect for self and others, their ability to make wise choices, take responsibility, solve problems, to be creative, to accept challenges, and become solid citizens. 

Your children and our students are the future.  We know that given the right foundation and the best guidance, the future is bright and in good hands. 

Thank you for choosing Westmont and for your continued support.


PS.  For more great updates on our amazing alumni please visit our alumni highlight on our website.


Westmont’s Mission Statement

The Westmont Montessori School provides an environment that fosters independence, self-esteem, integrity, and personal responsibility. Our Montessori philosophy empowers each child by providing the foundation to excel academically, to develop respect for self and others, and to value the world in which we live.  The Westmont graduate is a capable young person who is inspired to learn.

Westmont’s Vision

The Westmont Montessori School inspires each child, parent, and staff member to reach his or her potential.