Special Classes

Seeking opportunities to expand the child’s world, a variety of classes, taught by specialists, are included in our Early Childhood and Kindergarten programs. These include:


Every student benefits from an expansive music repertoire that includes themes such as rhythm, seasonal songs, exposure to renowned composers, and multicultural music.


Our Movement program encourages children to refine their gross motor skills by participating in activities that are fun, imaginative, challenging, and developmentally appropriate.


Children enjoy many aspects of a foreign language such as vocabulary, culture, games, and songs.


In addition to art activities provided in the classroom, frequently the children have an enriching hands-on experience in art media, provided by our Artist-in-Residence.


Kindergarten students engage in a dramatic performance each year after learning about the elements of the theater.

montessori movement and physical fitness class NJ

early childhood art class  NJ

"Westmont nurtures an environment where children truly enjoy learning." - Diana Braverman, parent