Kindergarten Overview: The Journey to Success

Kindergarten students at Westmont Montessori have the benefit of two classrooms. Children spend half of their school day in the Early Childhood (EC) classroom, where they are looked up to by the younger students as the role models in the room, giving them the opportunity to develop amazing leadership skills and confidence at an early age. During their day in the EC room, students receive individual lessons, designed to meet each child at their level, especially in math and language arts instruction.The other half of our Kindergartener’s day is spent in the Kindergarten (K) classroom. This class provides an opportunity for our oldest students to have additional, focused instruction in all subjects including reading, handwriting, social studies, math, science, Spanish, and drama. Many of the lessons and projects in the K class are done with the whole group and allow children to practice their social skills with a classroom full of same-aged children.Children who remain at Westmont through the Kindergarten year are extremely well prepared to enter first grade in the elementary school of their choice.

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"Westmont fosters friendships that will last a lifetime. " Monica Rulon, teacher