About the Westmont Legacy Scholarship

It is about continuing the Westmont Legacy.  Having been an educational stepping stone for over 50 years, the Westmont Montessori School feels a sincere and deep connection to all of the capable young people and their families who began their life's journey at Westmont. Our students enter as toddlers and even earlier now with our Little Steps program.  They take these first educational steps holding tentatively at first, then steadfastly as they grow, to the handrails along the stairs as they enter the school.  When they exit as alumni, the handrail is hardly noticed; our capable young people bound down the stairs with a confident, energetic gait ready for the next set of steps on their academic and life journey.

Westmont is proud of the legacy of our school, our students, and our families.  We understand the importance and challenges of each and every life step.  Through funding from our Ray of Light Annual Fund, we are happy to offer two $500 scholarships to our alumni seniors who are preparing for the next step in their post high school academic journey.

Eligible alumni are students who attended Westmont for 2 or more years.  Applicants will be asked to complete the scholarship application and to write an essay describing how their Westmont Montessori foundation has helped to shape the path they have taken and/pr how it has impacted the person they have become. Applications will be reviewed by our Legacy Scholarship Committee and two students will be awarded the scholarship annually.

It is with pleasure that we are able to remain connected to our alumni and to support them in their next step.

And so the legacy continues.


Colette B. Cross, Head of The Westmont Montessori School


Mission Statement: The Westmont Montessori School provides an environment that fosters independence, self-esteem, integrity, and personal responsibility.  Our Montessori philosophy empowers each child by providing the foundation to excel academically, to develop respect for self and others, and to value the world in which we live.  The Westmont graduate is a capable young person who is inspired to learn.