Andrew Brahms

Andrew is finishing his 4th grade year at Primoris Academy in Westwood.  This year he joined the Robotics team, Destination Imagination Team and the Math team.  He recently participated in the state Math League championship and was the 4th grade champion.   His team also took 3rd place in the team event.   Math League is an organization that hosts math competitions around the country.  The elementary division includes grades 3-6.   To qualify for the state competition, students had to place in the top 20% for their grade in a qualifying competition.  Andrew, along with his teammates, is headed to the national finals at Texas A&M University on June 24.  The top 10 students in every grade qualified for the national competition.  In addition, we just were informed that Andrew was a winner in the Math Kangaroo competition as well.  Andrew's other interests include piano and gymnastics. 

Andrew still thinks of Westmont often.  He fondly recalls the stamp game and binomial and trinomial cubes that gave him his start in mathematics with Mrs Sandrue, Mrs. Kahlon, Mrs. Hoeferer, Mrs. Brodgesell, and Mrs. Thiesse.  He never misses an opportunity to visit his favorite teachers and friends.

Written by: Proud mom, Dana Brahms



(2016 graduating seniors who attended Westmont)

Calling all 2017 Graduating Seniors who attended Westmont! 

Join us on Sunday, June 11 at 1:00pm, on the steps of Westmont in your college sweatshirt for our annual billboard photo to be displayed on Route 24 (and other marketing materials). Please reach out to your senior friends who are also Westmont alumni to join us for this photo.


Alumni Ambassadors and Committee Chair at the Westmont Alumni Mixer.

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Making Our "50" Photo

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, the children of Westmont Montessori came together to create this special "Westmont Birthday Photo" in the shape of a 50.


When we opened the time capsule at our 50th celebration we discovered this slide show that was made for our 40th year! Enjoy!